S2S Support Packages

“School to school support is defined as the way that schools use their own good practise to deliver bespoke support packages for schools in need, which leads to positive impact with measurable outcomes.” Teaching Schools Council

The Alliance of Leading Learning strongly believes in the power of skilled staff in supporting schools in need.  We understand that for schools at all levels, the ability to develop a shared understanding of quality and accelerate the progress of students is essential for success.

Our School to School Support packages have been constructed based upon the typical requirements of our partner schools in driving improvement within their own settings.  We are obviously willing and able to construct bespoke packages for schools, based upon their own needs, but typically schools fall into the following categories of support and need:

The support provided by the S2S Support team falls into a sensitive balance between Quality Assurance (QA) and School Improvement (SI) which is determined by the level of school category need:











In addition to this, if you require something more specific to your setting’s needs, please feel free to contact the Alliance of Leading Learning regarding your requirements.  Typically our daily rates are:

Daily Rates:

£350 – Daily SLE rate (6 hours
£450 – Daily LLE rate (6 hours)
£500 – Daily NLE rate (6 hours)

(In addition, there would also be a 10% Brokerage Fee that would be taken by the Alliance of Leading Learning to cover administration and costs)


Next steps:

If you are interested in how our team can support you, please complete our initial request form here or contact our School-to-School Support Admin Team – for any further information call 01691 664452 or email .