Other Short Courses

Other Courses available on request include:

Counselling Skills
This course will give you an understanding of what counselling is and isn’t. You will explore boundary setting (eg confidentiality) and you will practice and reflect on active listening skills. The course will be experiential and active.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills
This course looks at the difference between coaching and mentoring. If you are looking to bring out the best in the people around you within your workplace, then this invaluable introduction to coaching and mentoring is perfect for you. Not only is it a great introduction, but also a solid foundation in which to adopt a ‘coaching management style’.

Making Difficult Conversations Easy
Having difficult conversations can be stressful yet it is an inevitable part of effective relationship management.
‘Making Difficult Conversations Easy’ provides delegates with the simple, effective and robust framework that they need to manage and facilitate a difficult conversation.

Stress and Stress Management
None of us behaves or performs well when we feel under too much stress so this module looks at different ways of reducing stress. We will explore the nature of conflict and anger and we will move towards a solution focused way of working and problem solving.

Discovering your Strengths
This course will help you to understand your strengths and build on them, using your skills to create a more harmonious lifestyle around your strengths.

I am a nice person, get me out of here
This will cover time management skills, recognising stress and how to deal with it and handling difficult conversations.


To book onto one of the following courses please ring Helen Lloyd on 01691 664 452 or email