How does it work?

This programme is a new way of training teachers which puts schools at the heart of the process. The Alliance of Leading Learning and Chester University, in partnership have designed and developed this school led teacher training programme, which is committed to training teachers to ensure that they have the potential to be outstanding at the end of the programme.

At the end of the course, students achieve QTS and a PGCE (Post Graduate in Education Certificate) and up to 60 masters credits.

The course consists of two placements spread over the year with 120 days school based. There are 4 full weeks of study at the The Marches School Hub (Oswestry), one at the beginning of the course, two half way through and one at the end.

For the primary course, there are 15 days of study based at the University base, Shrewsbury and 18 additional study days at the hub based at The Marches School Hub.

For the secondary course, there are 15 days of study at the University of Chester spread over the course and 18 additional study days at The Marches School Hub.  The course is designed to maximise school based time as this is how we think that students learn best.

There are three modules with assignments that are spread over the year. These carry 60 master’s credits at level 7.  We offer a huge amount of support with the academic study as we recognise that this is in addition to learning to teach. The modules are very well written to link with the teaching part of the course.

Development of the student’s teaching is bespoke as we recognise that some individuals have more experience than others. It is anticipated that a student will build up to 35% of a usual timetable by the end of the autumn term, 60% by the end of placement 1 and 80% by the end of the course. Students are assessed weekly and given feedback to develop.

At the end of the course, we offer an enrichment period when students can complete additional training to improve their CVs and prepare them for a teaching role. There is also time to resubmit assignments if necessary.