Apply for an NPQ – Applications for October 2024 now open!

Scholarship-funded places are very limited, so access to funding will be subject to availability. To have the best chance of claiming a funded place, please apply as soon as possible.


ALL works with 3 different providers for NPQs – LLSE, Teach First and Best Practice.  Please ensure that you are applying for the right programme under the correct provider:



TEACH FIRST – NPQLL and NPQEYL – applicants follow this link.

BEST PRACTICE NETWORKS – NPQ for SENCOs – applicants follow this link.


The following aims to give you a step-by-step guide to the LLSE application process.

Stage 1.






Stage 2.

In addition, you will also need to register your interest on the DfE portal here Register for a National Professional Qualification ( (Available from the 1st July).

DfE registration and funding

You may be able to get your NPQ course fees paid for by the Department for Education (DfE). This is called scholarship funding.  You do not need to apply for it.  When you register for an NPQ, DfE will tell you if you are eligible for funding.

Please apply by the 20th July 2024 to secure a funded place.

All applicants applying to complete an NPQ are required to register with the DfE. The DfE registration portal will open in July 2024, at this point your scholarship funding eligibility will be confirmed. Please click here to view the October 2024 DfE funding criteria. In the meantime, please pre-register for DfE email updates herethis will ensure you are kept up to date as to when the DfE registration portal opens.

If you do not have a TRN (Teacher Reference Number), you will need to apply for one at request a TRN before you can register via the DfE portal when it opens. Please ensure you apply for this at the same time as beginning your application to avoid any delay in joining the programme.


Stage 3. (How to secure funding)

Once the LLSE full application, DfE application and Headteacher / Coach declaration is complete, we will consider whether to offer the applicant a place.   If the place is unfunded this will be confirmed.   At this stage it will be important for applicants to stay in contact and attend their inductions.


The team at ALL will be on hand to support you with this.  Please get in touch with us if you are unsure about where you are with your application.

  or 01691 664445.