Below we hope to answer some frequently asked questions:

Q – Is my school/trust eligible for funding?
A – It was announced that funding for fully-funded NPQ training scholarships will be available in academic years 2022 to 2023 and 2023 to 2024. From autumn 2022 examples of eligible organisations are: state-funded schools, state-funded 16 to 19 organisations, independent special schools.

Q – Does your school have less than 600 Pupils?
A – If so you will be eligible for Targeted Support Funding for Small Schools and you will be paid £200.00 for each teacher or leader you employ who undertakes an NPQ.   Read the DfE’s guidance on Funding here, or get in touch with me.

Q – Is there a limit to how many funded places we can use?
A -There is no limit to the number of funded places you can apply for across your school.

Q – Can I do one of the new NPQs if I’ve already done an NPQ?
Yes. The current NPQs are all different from the previous versions. NPQs can be undertaken regardless of your previous engagement with the legacy NPQs (ie if you had to withdraw previously). And the approach to leadership development is very different from that taken in the previous versions of the qualifications. This means it is entirely appropriate for a teacher or leader to access the current suite of NPQs to develop skills and knowledge in a more specialist area.

Q – Can I gain DfE funding for multiple NPQs
A – Yes you can undertake multiple individual NPQs consecutively or at the same time.

Q – Do I need to have QTS or a TRN (Teacher Reference Number)?
A – No but you will need to apply for one. You do not need to be a teacher to get a TRN. To request a TRN by email, email the Teaching Regulation Agency at . You’ll need to provide contact details and proof of ID to receive a TRN.

Q – Can I defer or withdraw from my NPQ if my circumstances change?
A – Yes if your circumstances change and you need to discuss a deferral to restart at a later date please get in touch. If you need to withdraw you just need to be aware that the DfE will not provide funding for your place on the same NPQ a second time.

Q – How do I apply?
A – Follow this page link where we walk you through the application process. Get in touch with us if you are not sure about anything.

Q- Why is there no school Improvement Project?
A – The new programmes focus participants on gaining knowledge and application of the framework and participants are tested on this through an ‘open-book’ case study assessment. The idea being that leaders can implement ideas only when they feel it is appropriate to their setting thereby ensuring genuine impact.

Q – When do the Summative Assessments take place?
A – The windows for Summative Assessments are set by the DfE and two windows are currently available to participants,  one in February and the other in September. The programmes are designed to lead into these assessments.