NPQEL – Content and Cost







National Professional Qualification for Executive Leadership


NPQEL is for those who are, or who are aspiring to become, an Executive Headteacher or CEO of a MAT with responsibility for leading across several schools.

Why do NPQEL with the Alliance of Leading Learning?

  • Proven Gold standard learning with impact on work-based practice.
  • Designed and delivered by outstanding executive leaders and CEOs.
  • Learning from both education and non-education specialists.
  • Powerful networking opportunities.
  • A personalised learning journey – with reflection on own context and next steps in leadership development.

It is expected participants will complete the programme within 12-18 months.






Application process  – Application window is now open for our next cohort – deadline for applications is 31st March 2021 

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Our Delivery Model

Our delivery model adopts a blended learning approach – prioritising learning through access to expert facilitators who are practising CEOs, Executive Heads and high performing corporate leaders. The facilitated sessions are supported by self-directed learning through think pieces, current cutting edge research, work based practice and exposure to outstanding practice.

Cost – £4,600



Investing in our leaders: The launches and residential for our NPQEL are delivered at quality hotels with full conferencing facilities, full board and access to leisure facilities – at no extra cost, allowing you a professional break to engage in high quality professional learning.

**Department for Education Scholarship Funding for all NPQs – go to our Registration page now to find out more about taking up one of these FREE places.  PLEASE SEE GUIDANCE NOTES ON WEBSITE and  Terms and conditions.


The Alliance of Leading Learning NPQEL Package Includes:

  • A launch day
  • A Leadership Diagnostic
  • 2 day all-inclusive residential in 4* quality hotel led by exemplary Executive Heads, CEOs and Business Leaders
  • Online learning resources to support learning
  • Support with self-directed school-based tasks
  • Final assessment support
  • Access to the Alliance of Leading Learning national and international Professional Learning Community
  • Administrative support throughout the course

NPQEL Study Modules

Leading with Impact:

  • Motivate and unite a wide range of people across organisations around visionary leadership or challenging pupils.
  • Act as a credible public advocate for the organisation, promoting and defending its aims, vision and reputation convincingly and robustly.
  • Contribute to local and central government policy making.

Teaching and Curriculum Excellence:

  • Assess and improve teaching quality, pupil progress and attainment in a range of different contexts, including for disadvantaged pupils or those with particular needs (for example, including Pupil Premium, SEND, EAL or the most able pupils).
  • Deploy school-to-school support systems effectively to improve teaching quality, the school curriculum, pupil progress and attainment.

Increasing Capability:

  • Identify long-term or strategic capability gaps across several schools, in collaboration with the governing board.
  • Deploy staff strategically to increase the organisation’s responsiveness and resilience to change.

School Strategy and Improvement:

  • Identify and anticipate changes in the external or strategic environment and understand their impact on different organisations.
  • Design a sustainable business development strategy, whether for growth, stabilisation or specialisation.
  • Lead a programme of significant change across several schools.

Working in Partnership:

  • Look beyond the education system to identify excellence, expertise or professional advice in other sectors and deploy it to achieve cross-organisational goals.
  • Use school-to-school partnerships and collaboration to drive improvement in a range of different areas (for example, in relation to continuous improvement, governance, project management or financial efficiency).
  • Expand a school partnership to successfully prepare a school to join a partnership effectively.

Managing Resources and Risks:

  • Deploy resources strategically across a number of organisations, to maximise efficiency whilst improving pupil outcomes.
  • Maximise financial resources available, through income generation activities, fundraising, sponsorship and grants.
  • Hold those with responsibility for the management of resources and risks to account effectively (including fulfilling the Accounting Officer role as defined in the Academies Financial Handbook)

Final Assessment

The final assessment is comprised of two sections:

  • Designing a sustainable business development strategy for the organisation (4,000 words).
  • Leading an improvement project across several schools (4,000 words). You will be required to submit a project portfolio of evidence, detailing your development as a leader throughout the programme. You will be able to choose a window for your assessment within an 18 month timescale.


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