Want to Teach?

The Alliance of Leading Learning is one of the leading providers of Initial Teacher Training in the West Midlands

Why become a teacher?

Job satisfaction

Teaching is an immensely rewarding career; you can use your skills to inspire young people and really make a difference to their future. No other profession has the power to lead our young people into their future and let them create the future for us all. ‘Our future is in their hands, their future is in your hands.’

Competitive salaries and benefits

You will earn a competitive salary and a generous pension. You may receive an excellent bursary or scholarship up to £30,000 whilst you study depending on the subject that you plan to teach. There are also bursaries associated with Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses to study before you start training.

Career progression and quality of life

There are numerous progression routes with responsibilities for subjects, pastoral care, professional development and more, as well as school leadership. As a successful teacher you can expect to be in a leadership role within three years.

Teaching is a flexible Job, if you have a family, you can share their holidays. For a young person who wants to travel for several weeks in the summer it is ideal. What other profession offers an excellent salary and the opportunity to travel for an extended period in the Summer.

Why train with us?

The Alliance of Leading Learning at The Marches School is a lead partner school and has over thirty years of experience in teacher training, offering innovative, successful programmes in all subjects, Early Years and primary education. We are in partnership with the University of Chester for the Lead Partner Route.

The University of Chester has been making history since 1839, it is one of the oldest higher education systems in the country. To find out more about the University of Chester’s provision of Initial Teacher Education click here.


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