Leading Literacy for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading literacy across a school, year group, key stage or phase. in their school.

We are proud to confirm that the new NPQLL will be brought to you through our partnership with Teach First.

Cost – £899 (Find out more about funding here)

Length – 12 Months

Who is it for?

– for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading literacy across a school, year group, key stage or phase.

What will I learn?


You’ll develop as a specialist in areas related to your role, including developing reading, writing, language and developing others.

Content will include core elements of the framework:
• Teaching
• Developing language
• Developing reading
• Developing writing
• Professional development
• Implementation

Read the full Leading Literacy framework here.

How will I benefit?
* Gain an understanding of the core principles behind developing language, reading and writing, get practical tools and guidance to lead your school’s approach to literacy, and collaborate with other leaders in similar roles.
* Work with serving school leaders and subject matter experts to turn new learning into changes in your own and others’ practice.
* Access a blended learning programme that is full of practical and tangible examples, flexible and tailored to your needs and areas of development and focus.


Duration: 12 months (plus 3 months for the summative assessment process)


2b NPQLL Programme Guide DP Cohort v2 ALL STEP


Formative assessment takes place throughout the programme, helping you understand the progress you are making, and facilitators to adapt your learning experiences.

Summative assessment takes the form of a 1500-word response to a case study, completed in a single 8-day window at the end of your programme. The assessment will give you the opportunity to demonstrate how you would deploy the knowledge, skills and understanding gained through the NPQ to lead and implement a specific aspect of change.


The following are our planned dates for our February 2024 cohort.

Seminar 4 Reading Comprehension 12/07/2024 1pm 3pm Webinar
Seminar 5 Championing Reading 12/07/2024 1pm 3pm Webinar
Conference Conference 1 13/09/2024 9am 3.30pm Telford
Seminar 6 & 7 Learning to Write & Development Writing 11/10/2024 9am 11am Webinar
Introduction Introduction 11/10/2024 3.30pm 4.30pm Webinar
Seminar 8 Professional Development 06/12/2024 1pm 3pm webinar
Seminar 9 Implementation 06/12/2024 1pm 3pm webinar
Conference Conference 2 10/01/2025 9am 3.30pm Telford

Our next cohort will launch in October 2024.   Apply now to avoid disappointment.


What our Participants say:

“I have really enjoyed my NPQLL. The variety of online, virtual seminars and face to face conferences has been brilliant. I have loved that the online learning is something I can do at my own pace and something I can refer back to. The course leaders have been so helpful and very approachable. I have learnt so much about oracy, reading and writing as well as how to implement change in literacy in an effective way. I will definitely be recommending the course to colleagues.”

DfE Funding Available for this Programme

The NPQLL will only be funded if your school or a school in your Trust sits on the list of schools eligible for scholarship funding.

NPQ scholarships for the Autumn 2024 Cohort are subject to availability – apply now for the best chance of receiving a scholarship. 

Find out more about funding here and apply here.




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