What’s Different?

What’s different with these new reformed programmes: 


  1. Evidence Informed

Devised in collaboration with teachers, school leaders, academies, and an Expert Advisory Group. independently reviewed by the EEF to verify that they are evidence-based

  1. Specialist Qualifications:

The ‘NPQML’ no longer exisits and in its place are 4 new specialist qualifications:

Leading Behaviour and Culture
Leading Teacher Development
Leading Teaching
Leading Literacy

  1. Professional Development Focus

All qualifications include a strand dedicated to professional development. The aim of this is to change the narrative within schools around Personal Development.

  1. Golden Thread

The reformed suite supports the ‘golden thread’ running from ITT and ECF using the same core evidence-base and developing the shared language.

  1. Domain Specific

The reformed suite of qualifications focus more on the key domains of leadership that teachers and school leaders need to thrive and less on generic leadership styles.

  1. Assessment

There is no longer an in-school project to complete alongside the training element of the programme. Participants will complete an open-book assessment in an eight-day set window based on a case study.

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