Pandemic fatigue?

Lockdown Lethargy?

Whatever we call it it’s clear that an epidemic of stress has been building, with the COVID-19 crisis as the tipping point.

When asked how you are often the answer is “I’m fine” or “I’m good- all things considered,” yet many of us could really answer “I’m anxious, overwhelmed, and lonely,” “I’m completely burned out,” “I’ve lost my sense of optimism.”

As schools and as individuals we can grasp that we now have the opportunity to do more than restore the performance of our schools before the crisis – but improve it.

“In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.”

Albert Einstein

But with no clear end in sight of this pandemic a lot of us are struggling, and the adrenaline rush of those early high-energy challenges have maybe faded. This is why we may find ourselves in the early stages of a period of disillusionment, grief, and exhaustion—a period that may get worse before it gets better.

The disillusionment we experience from the current changes to our reality often effects on our motivation, mental health, and energy. Yet this period of disillusionment is natural and part of the psychological response to crisis.

Adapted from Zunin / Meyers


These pages are to support you in working through this dip and sustaining positivity.  Taking time to focus on your wellbeing and the time to re-energise and re-set.

Let’s support each other. #togetherwegrow