A fantastic session that was thought provoking and inspiring.  Both facilitators were warm, friendly and engaging throughout and I enjoyed every minute.  Would highly recommend!’

Anna Hudson, Class Teacher, Meadow Park School

‘Another brilliant session which was really informative and allowed me to be extremely reflective about my own practice as a leader.’

Lindy Barnsley, Class Teacher, Willows Primary School

‘Another brilliant session…! Well organised and inspirational!’

Helen Bridge, Class Teacher, Elmridge Primary School


‘A great day. I’m buzzing with ideas and feeling very inspired.’

Katie Turner, Maths and Key Stage 2 Leader, The Heys Primary School

‘Great course ran by superb facilitators. Engaging and inspirational.’

Jayne-Anne Mason, Lead Practitioner of Teaching and Learning, Litherland High School

‘Brilliant session, lovely atmosphere and superb CPD.  Thank you!’

Vicki Brittain, Head of MFL, Great Wyrley High School


‘I really enjoy these sessions and feel incredibly enthused and positive after each one!’

Sophie McQueen, Head of English, Highfield Leadership Academy


‘This was probably the best CPD experience I have had in 25 years of teaching.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn alongside colleagues.  The facilitators were experts in their field and I came away from the event feeling confident that I could apply my new knowledge immediately.  Thank you so much.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you all.’

Nicola Glover, Deputy Headteacher, Castle Church Primary School 

‘The facilitators are extremely competent, inspiring speakers who between the three of them have a special blend that kept me engaged for the full two days, no easy achievement given that Headteacher’s rarely sit still for prolonged periods! At the start of the residential we were challenged to take a reflective glance at our leadership practice – rather than a glance, I would compare the positive self-reflection I underwent to a leadership hall of mirrors, such was the meaningful challenge and interrogation to my leadership style. I left feeling not only more self-aware, but certainly more in tune and aligned with the goals I want to achieve in my school. Thank you for the opportunity and instilling me with strategies and tactics that leave me feeling better equipped for the icebergs around the corner.’

Jamie Rogers, Deputy Headteacher, Priestmead Primary School and Nursery

‘What a fantastic two days! My understanding of many areas has increased dramatically over the two days; it has enabled me to reflect on my ethos and moral purpose. I now believe, that when I’m ready, I will be able to lead a team, creating a clear vision and developing an inspirational curriculum for all learners. I have gained an insight into my own beliefs and have enjoyed a high level of professional discourse. Thank you to the fantastic facilitators for making all this possible.’

Abigail Schwarz, Assistant Headteacher, Ellesmere Primary School

‘Overall it was an excellent weekend …. the venue was amazing, the candelabra set dinner table was fabulous, the knowledge of the facilitators was inspiring yet I felt comforted by the fact they were ‘normal people’, our opinions were listened to and valued and I met a wide range of great people who I know will support me through this process and I think will remain friends for some time. I am really looking forward to the next residential!’

Catherine Lyth, Centre Manager, Harlescott Education Centre

‘This course is fantastic. You daren’t leave the room for a minute as it’s packed full of really worthwhile knowledge and thinking… I have already recommended it as I enjoyed it so much… the most useful course I have ever been on.’

Helen Nolan, Assistant Headteacher,  Blessed Trinity RC College

“A truly inspiring day from start to end… Exceptional delivery, extremely motivational!.. I think all aspiring heads should attend this training.”

Jamie McMullan, Deputy Headteacher, Etching Hill Primary School



‘Fantastic couple of days – we were worked hard and I was exhausted by bedtime on day one however I feel like I have learnt lots and had a fantastic experience. Hotel rooms and food were lovely as were refreshments. Speakers were great and very thought provoking – a really worthwhile experience and thoroughly enjoyed.’

Rhian Williams,  Executive Principal St James CE Primary School and Gorton Primary School

‘One of the best training experiences I have received.’

Richard Lane, CEO Mercia Primary Academy Trust

‘Just to say thank you for an inspirational two days of learning, collaboration and reflection. Whilst the two days were intensive – I personally gained a much deeper understanding into the role and expectation of an Exec Leader from all angles – whether that be in terms of curriculum excellence or managing a budget running into millions of pounds.’

Liz Peacock, Executive Headteacher, Knowsley Lane Primary School

International leadership project – Hong Kong

Dear Cavelle

My warmest thanks to you and all of your team for travelling to HK and delivering the transformational leadership programme, it proved to be a very successful four days. You really are a very special team and I hope everyone is now safely back in the UK and recovered from jet lag.

I cannot begin to tell you how positive the feedback has been to the delivery of the two NPQML and SL essential units, both officially through BOS and via continued anecdotes across the school, the words exemplary, inspirational and excellent are repeatedly spoken.

Not only were all those involved most impressed with the manner, particularly the enthusiasm and passion with which the units were delivered there is also a genuine appreciation that you were willing to travel half way around the globe for us. Words alone seem hardly adequate to express all of our thanks. I know that you took great care in selecting your team for us, everyone did a fantastic job and Kellett could not have asked for more.

I extend my warmest good wishes for the year ahead.

Ann McDonald, Principal at Kellett International School