NPQSL Programme for Senior Leaders is Launched

On Thursday 9th November, the Alliance of Leading Learning launched the new “National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders” programme with its new cohort, at St. Pauls C.E. Primary School in Bolton. Fifteen local aspiring senior leaders are embarking on their learning journey with facilitators Rob Dean, Siobain Barnes and Deb Meeking.

Participants began the day by looking at ‘Great Acts of Leadership’ before drawing upon a range of experiences in order to consider the qualities of an effective school leader. ‘How to motivate others’ was a focus point for the day and participants analysed their own organisational climates as well as studying popular theories of motivation, drawn from a variety of contexts. An overview of the programme was also provided and details of the assessment criteria were unpicked so that participants could begin on the planning stage of their school-based project before the next session.

The day closed with participants reflecting on their own resilience, one of the new NPQ leadership behaviours that will be developed throughout the programme.

Cavelle Priestley-Bird, Executive Director of the Alliance of Leading Learning commented, “Many thanks to Rob, Siobain and Deb for their excellent facilitation and we look forward to the next Bolton session and our other Launch Days taking place up and down the country over the next few weeks.”

A participant of the programme commented, “I found the group discussions and sharing of each other’s leadership experiences very useful and the theory behind leadership linking to our own leadership journey was interesting!”

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