Terms and Conditions – NPQ


Please ensure you have read the General Terms and Conditions.  The following terms relate specifically to the delivery of NPQs.

To read our Privacy Notice relating to data collection for NPQs please click here.

In the first instance please talk to us with any concerns or issues.  You can however find our full complaints procedure here.

Candidates may apply for a deferral in exceptional circumstances for example; sickness, bereavement, maternity/paternity leave, or another exceptional reason. Candidates must contact the Professional Learning Programmes Co-ordinator citing the reason for their deferral and they will be required to complete a deferral request form. Applications for deferring the start of a course/qualification need to be received 14 days prior to the communicated start date. Requests to defer from a course/qualification that has already commenced need to be received as soon as possible and may be subject to additional conditions, confirmed at the time by the course/qualification organisers. Deferrals will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If the reason for deferral is not considered to be exceptional, you may either agree to not defer and we would aim to provide additional support to help you complete your NPQ or you may withdraw from the programme (see withdrawal terms below).

A deferral can be granted for a maximum of 12 months, or two course/qualification intakes, subject to candidates meeting any changes to eligibility criteria. Candidates who decide not to re-engage with their qualification will be subject to the ALL withdrawal terms below.

Multiple deferrals may not be granted and would incur additional fees.
Candidates who defer and wish to repeat course content (including face-to-face events) will be required to pay additional charges. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Candidates wishing to withdraw from a qualification must provide reason(s) in writing and will be subject to charges and withdrawal fees. Charges for withdrawal will be invoiced to the applicant’s school in line with the framework below:

Withdrawal timescale Charge
Prior to programme £150 administration fee
After first delivered session 50% of fee retained
After second delivered session 100% of fee retained

Those successful in claiming scholarship funding will be liable to repay funding if qualification deferral or withdrawal takes place.   Participants must put in writing to ALL the reasons for deferral or withdrawal. We will consider those with extenuating and exceptional circumstances (for example; long term sickness, bereavement, maternity/paternity leave) on a case-by-case basis.

Should we agree with the withdrawal or deferral in exceptional cases – the reasons given will be submitted to the DfE who will consider these fairly and consistently. Any funds recuperated by the DfE from ALL will be reimbursed to the applicant’s school.

Deferrals will be considered on a case by case basis. If the reason for your deferral is not considered to be exceptional, you may agree to continue on the NPQ programme and we would aim to provide additional support or you may choose to withdraw from the programme. If you choose to withdraw, your school will be invoiced for the following withdrawal charges:

Withdrawal timescale Charge
After full registration and prior to programme 50% of fee retained
After first delivered session 100% of fee retained
Subsequent withdrawal at any time 100% of fee retained

*Applicants should be mindful that a withdrawal may preclude them from applying for funding on a NPQ programme in the future.

Unsuccessful application for NPQ Scholarship

It is the applicant’s responsibility for ensuring they understand the eligibility criteria for scholarship funding as detailed on our website.

ALL will not take any responsibility for incorrect information provided by the participant in terms of the criteria set to access this funding.

If an applicant is unsuccessful in claiming scholarship funding due to not meeting the criteria the applicant’s school will become liable to pay the full cost of the qualification.