Our aim is to Support the School Led System in Empowering Leaders of Learning.

Embracing all our work, the unique Professional Learning Conference we host each year continues to inspire school colleagues nationally with speakers such as Professor Robert Winston in 2017 and this year the renowned Sir William Atkinson, Dame Alison Peacock, Ross McGill and from Educating Essex, Vic Goddard. Our key note speakers and workshops are current and unique to ensure that we are ever-evolving and relevant to the changing landscape of education.

 “Leading Learning from the Classroom Up” February 2018.   Click here to view a short video about our 2018 conference.

Over 360 delegates attended the Professional Learning Conference, this is some of the fantastic feedback we received:



“ALL Leaders of Learning” – Every Learner Matters

To register your interest please go to the following page or  We will be announcing our full line up for the day and exclusive early bird offers soon!

SAVE THE DATE! – Monday 25th February 2019 at Telford International Hotel

The “All Leaders of Learning” Conference will bring together the very best in education to re-ignite their drive to ensure every learner has access to quality learning. The conference will be aimed at all leaders of learning from the classroom to those driving the school led system. From teachers, educationalists, governors and local authority leaders to chief executive officers overseeing complex networks.

Expert Key Note Speakers will engage the delegates with the wider picture of education’s direction of travel, whilst the workshops will offer opportunities to engage with deeper personalised professional learning. The conference will dig deeper into how learning works, learning behaviours and how we ensure every student can access quality learning and cope with the demands of a wide-ranging and challenging curriculum.

This is not a one-day learning event but professional learning that will have impact on work based practice.

The Conference will be underpinned by the concept of tapping into every learner and our key note speakers will open debate on educational neuroscience and how it supports the understanding of the factors that influence learning, from the biological to the social. Delegates will gain insight into the learning process of student engagement, knowledge building and consolidation of learning.

In the workshops there will be a range of opportunities to learn from the best in the field in building the resilience of all learners and help close achievement gaps. Delegates will choose two workshops from a wide range of learning opportunities covering areas such as Growing a Universal Learning Offer, Visual Learning, Growth Mindset and the Digital Divide/Social Media.


To register your interest please go to the following page or  We will be announcing our full line up for the day and exclusive early bird offers soon!