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ALL Leaders of Learning Conference 2019

Our keynote speakers:


Making the difference

At last year’s conference we were all moved by the video that captured the moment the Arsenal legend Ian Wright was reunited with Mr Syd Pidgen, his primary school teacher.

The tearful reunion between the two captured for us in the audience the impact a teacher can have on the individual child and how Mr Pidgen made the difference and was the first to support him in his quest to become a professional footballer. This year we have the man himself.




A different way of thinking

To challenge our thinking on the wider issues enveloping education we have the author, journalist and broadcaster Afua Hirsch.

Covering issues ranging from radicalisation to immigration she will speak widely on diversity, social justice and the media. She is the author of ‘Brit(ish)’ – a narrative non-fiction book about identity, published by Jonathan Cape. Afua has an authored documentary coming soon on Channel 4.



The inspiration for the conference came from the Chartered College of Teaching’s journal “IMPACT” covering new cutting-edge research on Neuroscience.

For our 2019 conference we are privileged to have secured the main lead in the UK for Neuroscience and education – Paul Howard Jones.

Paul’s particular area of interest is applying our understanding of cognition and neuroscience to enhance child and adult learning.  This will give delegates the opportunity to be at the very forefront of new thinking on learning.

The conference will dig deeper into how learning works, learning behaviours and how we ensure every student can access quality learning and cope with the demands of a wide-ranging and challenging curriculum.


There will be a range of workshops available to learn from the best in the field in building the resilience of all learners and help close achievement gaps.

Our impressive headline workshop facilitators include:

Sir Mark Grundy – knighted for his work at George Salter High School in West Bromwich, as well as his work in ICT. He has worked extensively with the Department for Education and Skills (United Kingdom) to develop personalised learning.

Matt Burton – from “Educating Yorkshire” and now Headteacher of Thornhill Academy.

Our tickets are priced at £295 however if you book before 30th November 2018 you can take advantage of our early bird offer of £249 – book tickets here.

For further information or to discuss a group bookings discount, please contact us on 01691 664452 – we are always happy to help!


Leading learning from the classroom up 2018

Over 350 delegates experienced the inspirational 2018 conference with many set to return in 2019. Here’s an overview of the day and comments received:








Conference 2019