Our first two cohorts for NPQH have now launched with resounding success. Our residential experience at Crewe Hall Hotel continues to attract school leaders from as far afield as Devon, London and Norwich as we are about the individual and ensure a full quality experience.

The two-day residential is packed full of “deep learning” and investing in the wellbeing of our leaders. It is a far cry from the one-day training experience in a busy week or remote learning at the end of a busy day! We believe school leaders have the right to immerse themselves in quality professional learning – in fact school improvement will only happen if our leaders are supported in being outward facing, seeing round corners and having the opportunity to reflect on the latest educational thinking.

What our NPQH participants are saying:

100% of participants thought that the learning outcomes were met.

100% of participants felt that the facilitators maximised the learning.

100% of participants said that they would recommend to a professional colleague.

100% of participants thought that the residential overall was worthwhile.


‘The facilitators are extremely competent, inspiring speakers who between the three of them have a special blend that kept me engaged for the full two days, no easy achievement given that Headteacher’s rarely sit still for prolonged periods! At the start of the residential we were challenged to take a reflective glance at our leadership practice – rather than a glance, I would compare the positive self-reflection I underwent to a leadership hall of mirrors, such was the meaningful challenge and interrogation to my leadership style. I left feeling not only more self-aware, but certainly more in tune and aligned with the goals I want to achieve in my school. Thank you for the opportunity and instilling me with strategies and tactics that leave me feeling better equipped for the icebergs around the corner.’


‘What a fantastic two days! My understanding of many areas has increased dramatically over the two days; it has enabled me to reflect on my ethos and moral purpose. I now believe, that when I’m ready, I will be able to lead a team, creating a clear vision and developing an inspirational curriculum for all learners. I have gained an insight into my own beliefs and have enjoyed a high level of professional discourse. Thank you to the fantastic facilitators for making all this possible.’


‘I would like to pass on my thanks to all three facilitators. I had an excellent two days. The mix of discussion and activity was superb – I have never known a CPD session go so quickly. Although the learning was intense, I never looked at my watch once! I particularly liked how analogies are made with non-educational environments – business and sports, and how that leadership lessons can apply across all walks of life. Thank you all. I can’t wait for the next session.’


‘Overall it was an excellent weekend …. the venue was amazing, the candelabra set dinner table was fabulous, the knowledge of the facilitators was inspiring yet I felt comforted by the fact they were ‘normal people’, our opinions were listened to and valued and I met a wide range of great people who I know will support me through this process and I think will remain friends for some time. I am really looking forward to the next residential!’


‘A truly fantastic two days, full of advice, practical suggestions and insightful knowledge. Thanks.’


‘Excellent and very thought provoking about future challenges and the role of the leader in schools.’


‘Thank you for inspiring me yet again! So thought provoking but reassuring and informative at the same time.’


‘Yet again, I am going away feeling inspired and empowered to become a headteacher. Thank you.’


‘Thank you for inspiring training by highly skilled facilitators.’



This is why, for good reason, we have currently 90 on our waiting list, another cohort launching in March 2018 and registrations for new cohorts for 2018 – 2019.

Register now for 2018 – 2019 cohort to secure your place.

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