Our Friend and Colleague – Lee Sims







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“Not only will Lee be a loss to all around him, but also to the NPQ network and the education sector in general.”


“The impact of his work developing leaders across the region has made a real difference to an enormous amount of children’s lives and I personally will miss his laugh incredibly!”


“I thought of Lee as such an inspiration. He taught me so much. An incredible speaker.”


“I credit Lee with lots, he really inspired me during the sessions. He took time for everyone and I owe Lee a lot, he is partly the reason I am the leader I am today and will hold on to this.”


“Despite the heartbreak of his passing, in the spirit of Lee’s positivity, I hope he will be remembered for his generosity and thoughtfulness and so much more that he brought to his short life.”

Posted by marchesadmin on 3rd March 2021, under Blog

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