Alliance of Leading Learning (ALL) partner with International Education Professor John Hattie

The Alliance of Leading Learning (ALL) are proud to announce they have been awarded the Department of Education (DfE) licence to continue to support the vision for an education system that drives social mobility, ensuring that every child and young person can access a high quality education, regardless of location, prior attainment and background.

Cavelle Priestley-Bird, Executive Director of the Alliance of Leading Learning said, “The licence renewal means the Alliance of Leading Learning can continue to provide quality professional learning to educational leaders across the West Midlands and North West.”

“The newly revised NPQ programmes will support the new challenges in schools and invest in our school leaders as our prime change makers.  At the Alliance of Leading Learning we are working with some of the UKs main drivers in making changes, such as John Hattie, through our partnership with Cognition Education.”

“This is an exciting new venture providing innovative, cutting edge and thought provoking professional learning. It is a real privilege to be working in partnership with some of the most exemplary school leaders nationally and with Cognition Education who are at the forefront of global education innovation.”

Posted by marchesadmin on 14th July 2017, under News

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