Terms and Conditions – Governance


Please ensure you have read the General Terms and Conditions.  The following terms relate specifically to the terms relating to funding from the DfE for the Governor Development Programme.

3:1 DEFERRING FROM the Governor Development Programme
Governors wishing to defer completion of their programme may do so by requesting a deferral in writing to ALL.  Deferral can be for no longer than 12 months. Deferral, once agreed, may be subject to charges on a case-by-case basis.


Governors wishing to withdraw from the programme must provide reason(s) in writing and may be subject to charges and withdrawal fees from ALL.

We will consider those with extenuating and exceptional circumstances (for example; long term sickness, bereavement, maternity/paternity leave) on a case-by-case basis.

Charges for withdrawal will be invoiced to the governor’s school / trust in line with the framework below as defined by the DfE.

% of Course Completed               Clawback DfE      Our Clawback     Total invoiced to school

Once registered on DfE portal

Twilight 1 / Twilight 2 or Day 1

25% or less                                            80%                      20%                        100%

Twilight 3 / Twilight 4 or Day 2

Between 26% and 50%                          60%                      40%                        100%

Twilight 5 / Twilight 6 or Day 3

Between 51% and 75%                           30%                      70%                       100%

Over 90%                                                0%                         100%                     100%



*Please note that all delivered sessions need to be attended by governors and we ask if governors are unable to attend a session they attend at an alternative delivery school – the alternative to this is the completion of an online module (please contact us for further information).