How to Apply?

Applying to our School Direct courses during COVID-19

In this uncertain time for everyone, The Alliance of Leading Learning can reassure the teachers of the future that we are still recruiting for September 2020. You can still apply to our School Direct course through UCAS, but we will carry out an online interview process instead.

The interview process will include:

  • An interview
  • Online tests
  • Preparing a lesson plan and talking the panel through it.

Thorough revised interview guidance will be sent to applicants. You can apply to us through UCAS or through APPLY which is the DFE trial for a new, simpler application process. When you search for our course on the ‘Find Postgraduate Teacher Training’ portal and select apply for this course, you will be offered the opportunity to select UCAS or APPLY.

How to Apply?

To apply for teacher training, you’ll need to register with UCAS Teacher Training, choose a training provider, write your personal statement and arrange references.

Aim to apply early – applications for teacher training places could be open for just 2 weeks, with many schools and universities filling popular courses within this period.

We can assist you with your application and placement schools.  Attend one of our Information Clinics for more advice and support.

Application Process

The Alliance of Leading Learning is currently piloting a new application process on behalf of the Department for Education. Applicants have the option to use the new Apply process or to apply through UCAS. Please read the following FAQs about the new process before deciding which way to apply. You have the opportunity to be part of a new cohort shaping the future of teacher training applications for the better whilst receiving a financial incentive.

The Department for Education is building a new service for teacher training candidates called Apply for teacher training. The service will eventually replace UCAS Teacher Training.

Information for candidates

What is Apply for teacher training?
Apply for teacher training is a new service run by the Department for Education. It will eventually replace UCAS as the way to apply for teacher training.

Applying through UCAS or Apply for teacher training
If you search for a course on Find postgraduate teacher training, you might be asked whether you want to apply through UCAS or Apply for teacher training. This is because some teacher training providers are signed up to Apply for teacher training while others have not joined yet.

If a training provider has signed up to Apply for teacher training, you can apply to courses either through UCAS or Apply for teacher training.

If a training provider hasn’t signed up, you’ll need to apply on UCAS.

Go to

When to use Apply for teacher training
Use Apply for teacher training if:
• all the providers on your shortlist are signed up to Apply for teacher training
• you want to try a new process with one-to-one support
• you are interested in sharing your experience of the new service. During December 2019 there is a £100 incentive for those who take part in this research.

When to use UCAS
Use UCAS if:
• you are already doing an application through UCAS
• some of your choice(s) of training provider are not signed up to Apply for teacher training and you would rather not apply through two different systems

A few things to know about Apply for teacher training
1. We will guide you through the application process when you use Apply for teacher training.
2. By using Apply for teacher training you are helping us improve the teacher training application process.
3. The qualifications you need for teacher training are the same whether you apply through UCAS or Apply for teacher training.
4. Teacher training providers will say on their website or on Find postgraduate teacher training if they are accepting applications through Apply for teacher training.
5. Training providers who are signed up to Apply for teacher training will continue to make their courses available through UCAS for now.
6. Providers will consider your application in the same way whether you apply through UCAS or Apply for teacher training.
7. Training provider and course codes will be the same across both services.
8. During the first round of your application (called Apply 1 on UCAS ) you should apply to no more than 3 courses in total, whether you use UCAS or Apply for teacher training, or both.
9. You can choose to apply to some courses on Apply for teacher training and others on UCAS, based on availability. This December, if you use Apply for teacher training for at
least one course, and share your experience through user research, you will receive a £100 incentive as a thank you for your feedback.

Getting help
If you have questions about applying for teacher training you can contact us:
• call Get Into Teaching on Freephone 0800 389 2500
• talk to an adviser using online chatApply for teacher training will be easy to use and give candidates support and guidance.