The Re-energise and Reset wellbeing support programme aims to provide employees with information and guidance as well as signposting to other resources to best support wellbeing, especially during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has impacted on all our lives and has turned the school world upside down and inside out. As we move into 2022 there remains uncertainty about how the pandemic will impact on our day to day lives, a government survey in November 2021 found that a quarter of Britons say their life has returned to pre-pandemic normality, but two-thirds do not feel theirs has.

During the pandemic, education establishments have been playing a central role in keeping schools open, providing remote learning and working when required, and generally supporting their communities.

The Trust appreciates that education staff have been put under an enormous amount of pressure to keep calm and carry on. The Trust schools and their staff are at the forefront of their communities and many parents and carers may expect them to be calm, unflustered and to have all the answers. The Trust is aware that employees may be feeling anxious about ‘getting it right’ for their pupils or may be attempting to carry out their very important role whilst dealing with personal situations and emotions.

To further support the wellbeing of staff, all Trust schools have signed up to the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter. Signing up to the charter is a public commitment to actively promote mental health and wellbeing through Trust policy and practice.

Further details will be provided as we introduce initiatives to support the commitments we have made.


Let’s support each other. #togetherwegrow