Our Wellbeing Offer

It’s OK not to be OK

In light of the current COVID challenges that surround us we’d like to highlight the free and confidential services that are offered to each trust employee.This wellbeing offer is provided for staff of The Marches Academy Trust only. If you are not a member of the trust please contact your employer to find out what provision they have made for your health and wellbeing services.

We are currently reviewing further wellbeing support offers for Marches Academy Trust staff, which will be updated as soon as possible.

Contact information

Medical Operations 01773 814 403

24/7 GP Helpline 0845 403 1037

Physiotherapy 01773 814 403

Counselling 01773 814 402

Cancer and Nurse Support 01773 814 404

’The nurse support line can also be contacted to explore a range of complimentary therapies to support those with life-long conditions.


What we offer as a Trust

Occupational health – referral

NOSS 01978 780778

SAS (Schools Advisory Service)

The Schools Advisory Service have been established since 1997 and is the UK’s Leading provider of Staff Absence Insurance for Schools with Whole School Wellbeing Services for Staff & Pupils. The SAS can be accessed by staff by either calling the relevant number shown, or by downloading the app to your phone or tablet. To gain access, you do not need to seek approval from any line manager or Headteacher. Once you submit your request for the relevant service, they will contact you via telephone within a few working days. Please see the link for more information https://schooladvice.co.uk/

To give you a little more insight into the SAS services, there is a short video presented by Dr Hilary Jones

The NOSS Counselling Services are also accessible without gaining authorisation from senior management and can be contacted via 01978 780479.

NOSS: In a Nutshell – https://www.noss.uk.com/further-support/noss-resources

Helpline and Websites – https://www.noss.uk.com/further-support/links

T: 01978 780479.

Occupational Health services can be accessed confidentially by requesting a referral with your line manager or headteacher. The referral form will be shared with you to gain your consent prior to being submitted to OH. OH will then contact you primarily by telephone to make an appointment. After your appointment, a report will be compiled with advisory guidance for your employer, again shared with you for consent, and then submitted to your referring manager. Any reasonable adjustments will then be addressed to support your circumstances.

Our Marches Academy Trust support team

“A listening ear”

During the past several weeks we have all experienced different emotions, different ways of working, communicating and living our day to day lives. Some people have sadly lost loved ones, some have felt the impact of loneliness, missing family and friends with whom contact has been limited. Both our immediate and extended family members may be struggling emotionally, children missing contact with family members and friends, yet still we have tried to be strong. Now with schools reopening in a variety of ways, staff returning to school and some having to stay at home – this may create a level of anxiety.

Marches Academy Trust wants to reassure all of the staff, that we are prioritising support in managing our emotions. Whilst our wellbeing package offers support and resources we also have our Wellbeing Ambassadors – with a representative in every school.

Marches Academy Trust wellbeing ambassadors

Amy Roberts is our Specialist Leader in Education for Behaviour, Attendance and Mental Health.

Amy is an Assistant Headteacher at The Grove. She has worked as a Mental Health Social Worker specialising in CAMHS transition and severe and enduring mental health diagnoses. She has experience in counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Through her role as an SLE Amy supports and guides on the development of mental health practice in schools.

Team Wellbeing

School Staff Well Being Lead Email
The Marches School Sali James
Alison Pearson
Julie Leoni
Darryn Robinson
Dan Pritchard
The Grove School Amy Roberts amy.roberts1@groveschool.net
Sir John Talbot’s School Laura Richmond richmond.l@mmat.org.uk
Shrewsbury Academy Julie Johnson johnson.j@mmat.org.uk
Oakmeadow CE Primary School Helen Morris
May Severn
Sam Hill
Longlands Primary School Zillah Cope z.cope@longlands.sat.coop
The Grange Primary School Beth Dean b.dean@grangepri.sat.coop
Tilstock CE Primary School Rowena Kaminski kaminski.r@mmat.co.uk
Lower Heath CE Primary School Deb Sadler head@heath.shropshire.sch.uk
Shared Services Julia Hipkiss
Andy Lowe
School Coach Julie Leoni leoni.j@mmat.org.uk
Wellbeing Administrator Helen Lloyd lloyd.h@mmat.org.uk


Ears for Peers

As we prioritise wellbeing across the trust we are creating a new voluntary post, key to supporting our staff as we recover from ‘Lockdown’.

The role of an EfP Listener is:

  • Provide listening support to any member of staff who would like to talk about the impact of COVID19 on their wellbeing – coping with lockdown, returning to school or those having to stay at home.


  • Available to listen
  • Understand when listening might not be enough and suggest their peer access more formal counselling/help
  • A friendly face
  • Willingness to agree to regular follow-up with peers who seek support

This new role involves:

  • Reinvesting back in school colleagues who need your support
  • Becoming a key part of the Trusts’ Well Being Programme and being able to evidence your commitment to it
  • Free training in listening skills – which are generic skills you can evidence in a range of roles across the school
  • Contributing to the Well Being support programme

For more information on this valuable role please contact Helen Lloyd: lloyd.h@mmat.org.uk

Meditation, wellbeing and mental health Support

Julie Leoni

Julie works with teachers in the trust and also has her own coaching practice. She is an accredited NCP life coach with over 25 years of coaching and counselling training. Julie offers free meditation, wellbeing and mental health support. She also offers free videos for you and your family. Each meditation lasts about 30 minutes. Just click on the links in the website to join in.

Julie Leoni Meditation Website


Free offer: Down Dog app

We believe that stressful times like these are precisely when people need wellness practices the most. Down Dog is the highest-rated app for practicing yoga at home with a 4.9 rating across over 100k reviews. In addition to the main yoga app, they also offer apps for Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout.

The Marches Academy Trust has free access to all of the Down Dog wellness apps until July 1st!

You can target different areas to focus on, the length of workouts, the type of music and so on. It is usually £8 a month but is currently free to all The Marches Academy Trust teachers and students to July 1st  if you sign up with your mmat.co.uk email address.

All you need to do is download the app or go to www.downdogapp.com, and then create an account using your The Marches Academy Trust email. Once you confirm your email address, the free membership is automatically applied!

You can find out more about the free membership here.