Oakridge Primary School Testimonial

Having worked with the team at the Alliance of Leading Learning for the last 5 years I know from my first-hand experience that the leadership courses that they deliver have a proven track record of success. Employing serving outstanding Head teachers and senior leaders ensures that the courses are delivered with passion and real life knowledge. The training courses are very refreshing and their style of delivery is both entertaining and informative, being bespoke to schools and academies and giving practical strategies on how to improve your leadership style and get better outcomes for all our pupils.

All facilitators have a proven track record of success not only leading their own schools to ‘outstanding’ but also in supporting schools across the country to move forward by inspiring the leadership within the schools. The impact of this work can be seen through countless testimonials:

From a personal point of view working with the Alliance has provided me with fantastic professional development through having to research my own understanding of leadership further in order that the materials that we deliver are the best that they can possibly be in order to maximise their effectiveness. In short I am a better Head teacher for having the opportunity to write and facilitate for the NPQs.

The newly formed Alliance of Leading Learning has the skill set, the knowledge and proven track record to build on its delivery of leadership at all levels and secure outstanding leadership in our schools.

P. Fisher
Headteacher at Oakridge Primary School