Assessment Information for NPQH and NPQEL

NPQH Assessment Information – Cohort K

NPQH Assessment Deadlines

Pre-Assessment (Task 1 and Task 2) final deadline is 6th January 2022

Final Assessment submission window (Task 1 and Task 2) 17th Feb – 3rd Mar 2022


NPQH Assessment Information – Cohort J

NPQH Key Assessment Dates (updated on the 25th February 2021)

Task1 and Task 2 Pre Assessment Submission to NPQonline – 15th July – 1st Sep 2021

Task1 and Task 2 Final Submission Window to NPQonline  – 28th Oct – 11th Nov 2021



For participants starting their programmes after May 2020, there is no longer sufficient time for a deferral to be granted. The current NPQs are coming to an end and the latest we can accept submissions is July 2021 (Task 2) and September 2021 (Task 1).

Covid – two term requirement (Task 1)

We understand that participants may be concerned as to their ability to complete their projects as intended given we are now in another lockdown. Spring term 2021 will count as a full term if the
participant’s project is still being carried out. If not, then the time will begin when schools re-open fully. The ‘full term’ is likely to start from February half term, when schools return, and a full term would therefore be between February and May, as only half a term would be completed before Easter 2021. Given the time available prior to the Christmas break for work to be completed, this should ensure that the vast majority of participants are able to complete their projects as planned, and submit within the scheduled assessment window, using the rest of this academic year to complete.

Where a project is unable to continue face-to-face, it may be possible to gather the required evidence remotely, for example, through webinar interviews with key members of staff, or through leadership of online teaching from January 2021.

If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of your project please contact for further advice and guidance.

Further guidance as to how to complete both tasks and present evidence, given the impact of Covid, can be found here.

Programme completion

Prior to submission it is essential that either:

You have attended all face-to-face sessions (Residential 1 and 2)


completed the learning modules for these online (or a combination) and uploaded your learning logs.

Without sufficient evidence of engagement then it may not be possible to award the qualification.

Withdrawal from the programme

No participant should feel compelled to complete or progress their projects if they do not feel that they can, particularly if they feel it is affecting their well-being or capacity to complete their other professional requirements. If you wish to withdraw please see our terms and conditions before contacting .

That said, if a participant wishes to continue with their project using alternative mechanisms or submit without a required piece of evidence, you should email (cc’d to ) so the DfE and the QA Agent can consider these on a case by case basis.

We hope you find this information useful. We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation in partnership with the DfE – in the interim, we hope that this advice and guidance helps support participants to continue to make progress as they work towards achieving their NPQ qualification.

NPQEL Key Assessment Dates

Cohort 4

Key Dates:

Pre-Assessment – Task 1 and Task 2 – 30th September to 14th October 2021

Final Assessment – Task 1 and Task 2 – 25th November to 9th December 2021

Final Extensions/deferrals (for agreed exceptional circumstances only) 18 months May 2022





Participants will be expected to upload their completed assignments, including all supporting documents and sponsor comments by the close of this window (each window closes promptly at twelve noon UK time). If there are any basic technical issues with the assignment (e.g. missing signatures), then you will be notified so that these can be corrected. Please ensure that you have provided an email address which is monitored regularly.

After a week, the assignment will then go through a full technical check. If the assignment does not meet all the technical requirements, or if there are any aspects missing, you will receive an email asking you to address these issues within 3 days. If this happens you will be given a full email outlining what is required and how to return.  This will be sent from .

The assignment will then go through a final marking process. We would expect that if the guidance has been followed correctly, and the appropriate evidence submitted, then the vast majority of participants should pass at this stage.

Participants who have passed will be notified approximately 15 weeks after the assessment window closes and be provided with access to their certificate. If you receive a final outcome of a ‘fail’ you will be provided with feedback and given a further opportunity to submit, as part of a future assessment window. There will be no charge for this first re-submission*.

In very rare cases should the submission be deemed “not ready for assessment” – NPQonline will inform ALL and a representative from ALL will be in touch to discuss next steps.

*If an assignment fails again – a further opportunity will be provided to submit but participants will need to pay a re-submission / administration fee of £150.



The team aim to provide to best support we can to ensure your successful completion of your National Professional Qualification and we are very proud of our current success rates which stands at 98.5% across all programmes.

Please note that the following charges apply and these are included within our Terms and Conditions.

Non Submission of Assessment in previously communicated submission window – £100

Second Submission following first ‘failed’ submission – £150

We would advise that if participants are struggling to reach deadlines that they contact us as soon as possible to allow us to ensure that support is put in place and so that these charges can be avoided where possible.




Please ensure you are aware of the ALL Academic Misconduct Regulations which can be viewed here.


Please follow a link to our Moodle site here.   You will have been emailed joining instructions for the moodle site.  If you are struggling with accessing the site or navigating to the where you need to be in the first instance please refer to our FAQ (Frequently asked questions)  If you are still unsure or need advice about using the Moodle site please contact the team at





If you have any queries please contact us either by email () or by calling 01691 664445