S2S Support

What is School to School Support?

School to School support is identified as one of the key components of the Teaching School initiative. As a Teaching School Alliance we work with other schools to support specific areas as requested and help identify areas of strengths and development.

The Alliance of Leading Learning is committed to school improvement through a system of partnerships that draw upon the wide expertise of SLEs, NLGs, NLEs and SLEs within our Network of schools in the region.  We have a proven track record of working with other schools and the capacity and integrity to undertake support for schools in challenging circumstances. This is by a schools for schools model and all of the support available is provided by senior, middle leaders and executive leaders (CEOs) from a wide range of school settings. The Alliance of Leading Learning has a track record of working with outstanding and underperforming schools in all contexts from diverse urban contexts to rural communities. We have a great deal of expertise in every area from improving the quality of teaching, to leadership coaching, behaviour management, policies and systems, data and tracking, curriculum design, timetabling, financial management, and individual subject support.

We are equipped and committed to providing a personalised, yet robust, support package within the Secondary, Primary and Special school sectors.

Support work can involve a single visit, work designated from a term to a year with individual or multiple SLEs being involved depending on need.

The Alliance of Leading Learning will coordinate the support by identifying the priorities. We offer an initial diagnostic by a senior leader from within our alliance and ensure that the best leaders, practitioners are working to improve the quality of teaching and leadership where it is most needed.
All support is a two way process whereby all partners can learn from each other.

The Alliance of Leading Learning will:

  • Identify the academy / school and lead to undertake the agreed support.
  • Agree objectives, timescales and determined impact
  • Agree the approach of the support
  • Agree the time commitment required and financial terms

The commissioning process is collaborative. The evaluation process is measured against the impact in the target areas and monitored through weekly and final evaluation forms.

S2S Support