Professor Nazira Karodia

Nazira Karodia is Professor of Science Education at the University of Wolverhampton and the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. She has been a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Bradford, Director of their STEM Programme and the Associate Dean (Student Recruitment) for the Faculty of Life Sciences. During the life of the National HE STEM Programme, she was the Yorkshire, Humber and North East Regional Director.

Nazira is passionate about Science literacy and STEM careers as a defiance and challenge to social inequality. That is an enthusiasm born out of her personal experience of education, and of working in the higher education sector. Her central critique is that pervasive and unquestioned cultural and political assumptions/practices shape the geography of social inequality. These, she holds, can be challenged and subverted through schooling; and through paying attention to the details of restrictive thought, routines and practices.