NPQEL Delivery and Dates

NPQEL Residential – Crewe Hall Hotel


“What a fantastic residential experience. I genuinely feel valued and looked after – in both my professional development as a leader and because of the impressive hotel facilities. Would recommend this as a real incentive to join this programme above others” Jo Whitmore Primary Head, Lichfield

At the Alliance of Leading Learning we are intent on investing fully in your professional learning. We want to ensure you have a quality experience and the time to focus solely on your leadership learning without the distractions of the day job. Our NPQH residential has proven to be exceptional and our feedback has year on year been 100% positive. We understand some delegates are anxious about 2 days away from school and also family commitments – but all feedback has confirmed such anxieties were surpassed by the deep learning achieved through investing this time.

*Please do contact us at with any personal issues with the residential and we will always do our best to ensure we find a resolution.

Crewe Hall is equidistant for our delegates from the North West and West Midlands and the main train station is 1 mile away and those accessing our NPQEL from outside these regions will be contacted as we can offer a room the night before the training.

Launch Date and Residential Dates are as follows:

Launch date: 9th March, 2018 
Residential 1: 21st to 22nd June, 2018
Residential 2: 22nd to 23rd November, 2018


To take part in our next cohort for NPQEL please register and we will ensure we notify you of future dates and deadlines for applications.


NPQEL Delivery and Dates